You have somehow stumbled across this little project of mine. 

However way you have found this site, I hope that the information and resources will assist you.

This site and information will be a continual evoultion, particulary as my research and experience continues to advance and develop.


Hi there, and welcome.

About me

My name is Kate.  I am a communications enthusiast and my goal is to help people communicate effectively.

I also have a deep interest in culture/reverse culture shock and aim to research the effects of culture shock in our ever shrinking world more formally.

Born and raised in the USA, I have settled in Australia, where I have been working in the student mobility industry for nearly a decade.

I am planning on starting my Masters degree in 2018 and would eventually like to earn a PhD.  My future thesis will cover culture shock in  the social media age.

Away from the academic world, I enjoy crochet, family history, bike riding and travel.

You can find me on Twitter or Instagram.